Turnkey heatpump installations

Groenholland provides complete turnkey installation components for geothermal plantrooms.


Geothermal wellfield design & installation

Geothermal wellfieds are covered form testing & design to full implementation and testing. Furthermoer the design of the wellfield and the plantroom installation are integrated to achieve the longterm system efficiency.


Controls & engineering

Controls for highly efficient geothermal installations, engineering for lifetime value, reliability and efficiency.


Project related testing & design

Mobile test facilities for on site testing of actual future project conditions.

Off site built concept

Off site construction and testing is much more time and cost-efficient than working on site in often poor conditions.

Turn-key installation components are fabricated in controlled conditions off site.

Sensors, cabling, controls  and insulation are installed and tested.

Pumps and pump settings are checked and systems are pressure tested and as an option they can be chemically treated to prevent corrosion.

Transport and delivery to site when the plantroom facility is ready for acceptance. Plantroom connections and commissioning remain to be done on site.