About Groenholland

Groenholland is one of the leading companies in the development and implementation of systems that use the ground a a source of heat and cold for space conditioning of buildings (commercial and larger domestic applications).

We provide a unique combination of practical "hands on" skills with a deep theoretical understanding of the energy dynamics of the ground, heating- and cooling system, buildings and mechanical engineering essential to deliver optimal geo-energy solutions.

Research carried out by Groenholland, together with the experience gained from the implementation of a large number of systems, formed the foundation of the Dutch Quality Guideline and is applied in European research projects.


The Company was started in 1990, by Guus van Gelder and Rik Stikker, both physical geographers. In 1996 Henk Witte joined the Groenholland staff.

In 2003 Groenholland UK Ltd was founded, due to the increasing activities in the area of geo-energy in the UK. With Groenholland UK Ltd we continued our relation with Peter Heaton, our UK representative.

The company was started as an environmental soil studies consultancy, branching out to geothermal energy systems and geo-information systems.

Nowadays we deal exclusively with ground source heat pump systems, while the environmental soil studies are continued by ambiente llp.