Plantroom works

One of the advantages of our approach to turn-key manufacturing is that on-site plantroom works are kept to a minimum. The on-site works are limited to:

  1. Bringing the kit on site and position the components in the plantroom.
  2. Connecting the components hydraulically, by fitting simple straight pieces of pipe between the flanges, Hooking up the system to the Borehole Heat Exchanger manifolds
  3. Providing the electrical connections between the components, only one power cable and one network cable per component is needed

At this stage the system is filled with water and pressure tested. The main contractor only needs to supply:

  1. Water mains connection to Hydraulic Switch Unit
  2. Power mains connection to Hydraulic Switch Unit
  3. Connecting the building systems to the heating and/or cooling heat exchangers

The final phase now commences, the commissioning of the system.

  1. Flushing and water treatment
  2. Commissioning of the software
  3. Final and functional check and handover


Will it fit?

HTU in the workshop


Plantroom works proceed