Heat Transfer Unit

The heat transfer unit provides buffer capacity and a high-performance heat exchanger where thermal energy is tranferred to the building. In a changeover (2-pipe) system one unit is used for heating or cooling. In a simultanuous heating/cooling system (4-pipe) two units are used.

Each unit is based on a standard design, adapted to the specific project by selecting the size of the buffer and designing the heat exchanger according to energy, pressure loss and temperatures.

The control box houses the PCL (process control logic) that controls the heat transfer process and buffer temperature and communicates with the main controller through a standard network cable.

Heat Exchanger Design

The design of the heat exchanger focusses on achieving a good heat transfer at the temperatures required, while limiting pressure loss (save pump energy). As there often is a marked difference between peak demand and base demand, and cost of the heat exchanger increases rapidly with size, both thermal as well as economical optimization is required.

Heat Transfer Unit (HTU)

  • 0,5 - 3 m3 buffer capacity
  • High performance plate heat exchanger
  • energy efficient twin head inverter controlled pump
  • integrated Process Control Logic
  • building ready-to-connect
  • sensors, blocking valves and drain cocks integrated
  • base frame for use with forklift or craning